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Upon joining the academy you will begin your transformation.

Firstly your body will gain fitness, agility, eventually forming an expression. Your mental attitude will mature, becoming bold yet not egoistic. Attaining the ultimate goal of peace within oneself and all that is around them. As one cannot control the fight if he/she is not in control of themselves.

Through guidance you will take a journey, you will learn not just the martial art of fencing but also about one self. It will not be hard if you don’t want it to be, no effort will be required if you know you are ready as time is of no relevance. Your mind will become quiet, free of selfness, doubt, anger, along with other harmful emotions. You will eventually see that you don’t fight others, you only fight oneself.

Below we have showed the current structure of our rankings. You will enter as an ‘Initiate’ and develop the basic skills before qualifying to grade for Scholar. These basic skills are the fundamentals to our ethos. No matter what discipline of weapon you embrace, these basic skills are forever present.

Each ascending rank is acquired through a grading. Details of each grading are given to the individual upon qualifying through training.
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This link is to our downloads page where members can attain information within the Academy. Joining forms, Rankings, Syllabus Sheets etc.
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