Fitness With Swords

Online Fitness Classes

During Lockdown this has proved to be a very popular class.

Using swords and sword related techniques MAHS provides High Intensive Interval Training with plyometrics to Get that heart rate up.  
Each session is between 30-45mins long and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

These classes are tailored to work on explosive movements, tendon & muscle strengthening, lung capacity, technique with the weapon and your body, Animal Locomotion, Plyometrics for sword related technique, Cardio.

What to do next?

Hit the book class button and check the class schedule.  Select the most convenient class time and book it.  You’ll need a login to do so.  Once you choose what payment plan you want to use you will be given a link to the online class. 
This can be accessed via your online profile before the event.

Give yourself a little bit of space to use a sword, and away we go.

£49 Monthly Plan

£7 pay-as-you-go


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