Daniel Cooper

Beginner Course Instructor

Following an interest in the medieval era and history, Daniel joined another school alongside Toby and Jim. When they decided to go their own way Daniel followed and has been under their instruction ever since.

From the beginning, Daniel has always thoroughly enjoyed studying the art of Longsword but since being introduced to Rapier, he has discovered a new passion.


Toby Manley

Master of Arms - Founder

Toby has studied with the best instructors in the world.  The most notable is Andrew Feest from SSA.  Toby has contributed to the art by introducing multiple disciplines to the system including Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Body Weight Strength & Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and Cold exposure. Turning the Art into a Modern Practical System.  

Toby Manley has been recognised as a Master of Arms accredited by The British Combat Association, confirming the heritage as a 4th Generation Master.


Andrew Walker

Beginner Course Instructor

Andy developed an interest in historical fencing during his study of military history at university. After graduating he looked for a place to learn how to fence and found a school in London. He then followed Toby and Jim when they decided to go their own way.

After several years learning to fence with the longsword Andy was introduced to the rapier in 2015. It has since become his primary weapon and he was awarded Scholar Level IV in April 2018. He is now improving his skills with rapier and dagger.