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Toby Manley

Master of Arms - Founder

Toby has studied with the best instructors in the world.  The most notable is Andrew Feest from SSA.  Toby has contributed to the art by introducing multiple disciplines to the system including Muay Thai, Wrestling, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Body Weight Strength & Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and Cold exposure. Turning the Art into a Modern Practical System.  

Toby Manley has been recognised as a Master of Arms accredited by The British Combat Association, confirming the heritage as a 4th Generation Master.

Toby Co-founded MAHS along with James Manley who was a Longsword, strength and fitness expert.  


Peter McLaughlin

Assistant Coach / Instructor

Peter, our assistant instructor, has over a decade of study in historical martial arts, starting with longsword and transitioning into rapier.
Starting with MAHS at its inception, gained his mastery of rapier, and rapier and dagger in 2021.
Since 2020, Peter has been engaged in sports nutrition, cold exposure and unarmed combat in the form of Muay Thai. 
Peters personal training and development programme includes calisthenics, gymnastics, bodyweight strength and conditioning, running and HIIT.

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